Directions and Parking

Lakeview Amphitheater
490 Restoration Way, Syracuse, NY 13209

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Unless otherwise indicated, all events will use the orange lot only.  Large events will use both the Orange, Brown and Pink Lots.  Check your Event’s Page for the parking plan.

Things to immediately note:

  • Parking lots open three (3) hours before listed concert times.
  • Exit 6 from I-690/NY-695 will remain closed for show dates that do not coincide with the New York State Fair. You MUST use Exit 7 from I-690 to access the Lakeview Amphitheater.
  • The ‘Orange Lot’ is the main parking lot for shows at the Lakeview Amphitheater. When warranted, the ‘Brown and Pink Lots’ will also be utilized with shuttling available. Please follow directional signage and instructions from Law Enforcement, Security and/or Parking Team Members to expedite ingress & egress.
  • You will EXIT Orange Lot parking areas the same way you entered; there is no thru-traffic for event parking in the Orange Lot. If directed to park in the Brown or Pink Lot, you will exit to the west. Parking Team Members, Law Enforcement and signage will be there to direct you accordingly.
  • Tailgating is not permitted
  • Overnight parking is not permitted.
  • There are no hookups for campers within the Lakeview Amphitheater parking lots.
Event day driving directions, both to and from the Lakeview Amphitheater, and parking information are provided below. Please drive safely and allow ample time to reach your destination. We hope you enjoy the concert!



Parking Information:

Parking Hours and Information:

Amphitheater parking lots open three (3) hours before listed concert times and close two (2) hours after the concert. No exceptions will be made for early arrival or for guests who already have parking permits. All spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All vehicles that do not park in a designated parking space or that do not follow the instructions of Parking Team Members are subject to being ticketed and/or being towed. No paneled or windowless vans or trucks will be permitted in any parking lots. Please note that all prices listed are for single spaces for the purpose of parking one vehicle. No reserving of spaces is allowed and guests will not be allowed to purchase additional spaces. The Lakeview Amphitheater will implement the one car, one space policy for parking cars. Thank you for your cooperation with our Parking Team Members and Sheriff’s Department to make your experience safe and enjoyable.

Parking Lot Rates:
Prices vary per vehicle:

  • Passenger Vehicles:
  • $10.00 per vehicle (please have money ready upon lot entry)
  • Accessible Parking for Guests With Disabilities – $10.00
  • Limousines – $30.00 (Additional information below)
  • R/V Parking (no hook ups/services) – $40.00 (Additional information below)
  • Buses – $40.00 (Additional information below)
  • Premier Parking available – rates vary per show; purchase in advance via

*Note that prices listed are for single spaces.  Fees subject to change without notice.

Limousine & Bus Parking:
Limousine/bus parking is located along the south-western portion of the driveway leading to the shuttle drop off circle at the main gate (see map for specific location).  This location is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no reserved spots.

Limousines & buses arriving after all available spots are filled will be directed to parking elsewhere, as determined by Parking Team Members – this location may be outside of the Orange Lot entirely.  A limousine is to have a license plate that reads “Livery” in order to park in the designated limousine parking spaces. SUV Limousines, Party Buses, vehicles more than 25 feet in length, and other oversized vehicles designed to carry more than 14 passengers may be directed to park elsewhere, as determined by the Parking Team Members per event.

This lot will close one (1) hour after the each concert. At this time any remaining limousines/buses in the lot will be required to exit the parking lot. Please notify your passengers and inform them to make appropriate plans to ensure their limousine/bus does not leave without them. Some delays can be expected entering and leaving the lot due to traffic.


R/V Parking:
R/V parking will be determined on a show-by-show basis for the time being.  Parking Team Members will direct R/Vs to the proper location to park within the applicable parking lots (based on show size).   R/V hookups and additional services are not available within Lakeview Amphitheater parking lots.   For a list of local campgrounds with R/V parking & services, please visit  R/Vs parked within the Lakeview Amphitheater parking lots will not be permitted to expand sides or set up camp.   Please keep in mind tailgating is not permitted.


Parking Code of Conduct:
The parking lots at the Lakeview Amphitheater are for the convenience and enjoyment of all amphitheater guests. Tailgating is not permitted in any parking lots. Oversize vehicles will not be permitted to park in lots designated for passenger vehicles.

Every effort is made to create a guest-friendly environment that is safe for all to enjoy. Our valued guests play a large role in this. In order to maintain a safe and fun environment, the Lakeview Amphitheater asks that all concert attendees follow directions given by all staff including Syracuse Parking Services, SMG Management, Law Enforcement and Security Personnel. They are there to assist you and make parking safe and convenient for everyone.  In the event of a parking lot emergency please call 9-1-1.

The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department, Town of Geddes Police, New York State Police, Onondaga County Park Rangers and Westcott Security all play a vital role in securing the Lakeview Amphitheater.  Any of these parties may patrol the parking lots at random to ensure that those who do not adhere to the parking guidelines and/or participate in activities that create an unsafe environment will be held responsible. This includes arrest, ejection, and/or having their parking and ticket purchasing privileges revoked.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Tailgating is not permitted in amphitheater parking lots. Vehicles may occupy ONLY ONE parking space. Additional spaces are not available for purchase for the purpose of tailgating. Additional restrictions may apply. Disorderly guests are subject to ejection from the parking lot premises, revocation of tickets, and criminal prosecution.


FROM THE PINK/BROWN LOT: For large events that utilize the Orange AND Brown lots for parking, Centro will operate shuttles for guests parking in the Pink or Brown Lot to transport them up to the front circle/main gate of the Lakeview Amphitheater.  Once parked, please follow signage directing you to the location of shuttle pick up/drop off.”

FROM DOWNTOWN SYRACUSE: Centro runs an express service from the Centro Transit hub (downtown Syracuse) to the front circle/main gate of the Lakeview Amphitheater beginning approximately two hours before each event and ending approximately one hour after the conclusion of each event.  Exact departure times may vary, please check Centro’s website for detailed information.   Regular Centro fares will apply and all Centro passes and transfers will be accepted for this service.

Parking Maps

Small Event Parking
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Small Event Parking

Large Event Parking
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Large Event Parking